Surviving Summer Allergies

Woman with allergies sneezing

Surviving Summer Allergies While we often think of allergies as a spring phenomenon, summer can be just as challenging for those who suffer from allergies. Warmer weather and circulating pollen from grass, trees, and weeds can bring misery, causing sneezing, nasal congestion, itchy, irritated eyes and throat, and headaches. As a pharmacist, I am often…

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The Highs and Lows of Viral Season

Sherry Torkos on set at CHCH Morning Live

The viral season is hitting hard. Whether it’s cold, flu, RSV or another bug there are some strategies that can ease the symptoms and speed healing, naturally. Check out my interview on CHCH Morning Live where I discuss my tips to tackle the tough symptoms like fever, congestion, sore throat and cough.

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Global Toronto | Back to School Medicine Cabinet

Image of pharmacist on TV set showing items for kids health

With the kids back in school you’ll want to be prepared to handle those common health issues that can arise. Check out my interview on Global News Morning for tips on what to stock your medicine cabinet with to manage colds, lice, tummy troubles and bumps and bruises.

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Berberine: Separating Hype from Science

Berberine Phytosome

Berberine has undoubtedly become a hot topic lately, with social media dubbing it “nature’s Ozempic.” But behind the buzz, is there scientific evidence supporting the claims? Let’s delve into the world of berberine to understand its properties, applications, and the latest advancements that make it even more promising.  What is Berberine? Berberine is a powerful…

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Global National, The Morning Show | Plants with Medicinal Muscle

Pharmacist showing plants that have medicinal properties

Plants have been used as medicines for thousands of years. In many cultures around the world plants are a primary source of medicine. Check out my interview on The Morning Show where I discuss five plants that have made their way from the garden patch to the medicine cabinet: Ivy Leaf – effective as an…

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Spring Break Travel Health Tips

Remedies for spring travel health issues

If you’re heading south for spring break,  you’ll want to be prepared for those common health problems that can arise. Tummy troubles, stress, sunburn and jet lag can put a damper on your vacation. Don’t worry though, I have you covered. Consider the following spring break travel health essentials to keep you and your family…

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Global TV Toronto | Spring Break Travel Essentials

Pharmacist at Global TV showing items for spring break travel health

If your plans this spring include taking a trip, then you will want to be prepared for those common health problems that can arise and put a damper on your fun. Check out my interview on Global TV News Morning to learn how to manage everything from digestive distress to travel anxiety, motion sickness and…

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CHCH Morning Live | Holiday Health Tips

Pharmacist Sherry Torkos on set at CHCH TV showing items to manage holiday health issues.

The hustle and bustle of the holidays make this an exciting time of year, but the stress, busy schedules and overindulging can bring on untimely health issues. Check out my interview on CHCH Morning Live where I discuss quick fixes for common holiday health problems, such as heartburn, hangovers, sore throat and sleeplessness.

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CTV Ottawa Morning Live | Viral Survival Strategies

Pharmacist Sherry Torkos at CTV Ottawa

With the many circulating viruses, you’ll want to be prepared to manage those unpleasant cold and flu symptoms such as fever, cough, congestion and sore throat. Check out my interview on CTV Morning Live where I share tips on what to have on hand to survive the viral season.

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