Spring Break Travel Health Tips

Remedies for spring travel health issues

If you’re heading south for spring break,  you’ll want to be prepared for those common health problems that can arise. Tummy troubles, stress, sunburn and jet lag can put a damper on your vacation. Don’t worry though, I have you covered. Consider the following spring break travel health essentials to keep you and your family…

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Natural Strategies for Managing Stress

Foods that help reduce stress and improve mood

Stress is a force that we all face at various times in our lives. The past 2 years have been particularly challenging with the pandemic and its impact on our health and daily lives Stress, especially when chronic, affects many aspects of mental health including our mood, sense of well-being, mental energy and ability to focus and concentrate.…

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Medicine Cabinet Essentials

Picture of woman at desk with supplements and remedies for a medicine cabinet

With the kids back in school and reengaging in social activities, you’ll want to be prepared to handle the common health issues that can arise. Consider these cabinet must have’s to help you and your family manage colds, lice, tummy troubles and more.Immune Support As we get into cold and flu season, keeping our immune system…

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Shake off the Sedentary Lifestyle

Working from home

The pandemic has had far-reaching effects on our health. Working from home and not moving as much, indulging in comfort foods, and not having places to go or people to see has made weight management a much harder hurdle to clear even for the relatively healthy person. Reframing our approach to exercise and eating can help…

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Staying Healthy While Staying Home

Salad and berries

With the ongoing recommendations to stay at home during the pandemic, staying healthy is top of mind. Yet, changes in our diet and activity level and indulging in comfort foods and alcohol can contribute to problems such as digestive distress, weight gain, fatigue and muscle loss. Considering that our health of our digestive system and…

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Managing Stress and Sleep

Morning Stretch

Is the stress of the pandemic is taking a toll on your health? Its hard to escape what’s going on around us during these trying times. Yet, adopting strategies to deal with the stress and get a good night’s sleep is critical now more than ever. Both stress and lack of sleep can hamper the…

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Immune Support


Having a healthy, well-functioning immune system is critical today as we face a global pandemic. Our immune system is our internal defence against foreign invaders, such as viruses, which can cause infection. It is comprised of various organs and cells that work together to protect us against germs that we are exposed to on a daily…

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Natural Relief for Menopause

women in menopause

October is World Menopause Month, a time to bring awareness and empowerment to women entering this phase of life. While every woman goes through menopause differently, most women will experience some of the symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings, dryness, sleep disturbances. The good news is that there are natural options to get relief.…

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CHCH TV | Morning Live | Back to School Bugs

pharmacist on CHCH TV

Head lice, colds, and tummy bugs are prevalent during the school year. Check out my segment here and find out what natural remedies are safe and effective to manage these common back to school bugs.  

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