KAZT TV | Arizona Daily Mix | Muscle Health

Pharmacist showing foods, supplements and exercises for muscle health

Muscle impacts more than your physique. Recent research indicates that the amount of muscle on our frame is a leading indicator of health and longevity. As we get older and lose muscle it can impact our strength, mobility and our body’s ability to regulate blood sugar.¬†Watch my segment on Arizona Daily Mix where I share…

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Reversing Age Related Body Changes

Those of us over 40 know that staying fit becomes much more challenging with each passing decade. There is an unwelcome change in body composition that occurs with age – we gain fat and lose our muscle. Age-related loss of muscle, known as sarcopenia, starts in our 40s and by age 50 it is estimated…

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WXIA TV Atlanta | Atl. & Co | Middle Ages Medicine

Ancient remedies

During the Middle Ages, plants, foods and natural elements were used as medicine. Some of these remedies have withstood the test of time and have been validated by modern science. Watch my segment here to learn about ancient remedies that are taking on 21st century health problems.

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Ancient Remedies for Modern Day Health Issues

herbal remedies

While modern medicine has advanced our diagnosis and treatment of disease, discoveries made by ancient societies have provided valuable insights, and even some therapies, that continue to be used today. During the Middle Ages, plants, foods and natural elements were the primary forms of medicine. While these therapies may seem primitive compared to the pharmaceuticals…

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Natural Solutions for Women’s Health

natural remedies for women's health

According to a recent study, the use of complementary medicine among women is on the rise with over 80% using natural products. Mounting science and research on these products combined with greater interest in prevention has lead to widespread use of natural remedies. Here are some of my top recommendations to consider for managing common…

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Listen to your legs

Tired legs

Do you experience pain, aching or swelling in your lower legs and ankles after a long day on your feet? If so, you are not alone. According to a recent survey nearly one-quarter of women over age 18 reported that they suffer with tired, swollen and heavy legs. If this sounds familiar, then it is…

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