Salad and berries

Staying Healthy While Staying Home

With the ongoing recommendations to stay at home during the pandemic, staying healthy is top of mind. Yet, changes in our diet and activity level…

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Morning Stretch

Managing Stress and Sleep

Is the stress of the pandemic is taking a toll on your health? Its hard to escape what’s going on around us during these trying…

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Immune Support

Having a healthy, well-functioning immune system is critical today as we face a global pandemic. Our immune system is our internal defence against foreign invaders, such…

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Eat, Move, Chill

If everything we eat passes through our gut, it makes sense to embrace the good habits and ditch the bad habits that are causing our…

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The Highs and Lows of Cold & Flu Season

With the colder weather upon us, winter viruses are making their way through classrooms and the workplace. Here’s some advice on how to manage the…

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women in menopause

Natural Relief for Menopause

October is World Menopause Month, a time to bring awareness and empowerment to women entering this phase of life. While every woman goes through menopause…

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When to Make the Call?

It is always nerve wracking when your child is sick, even when you’re a pharmacist! How do you know when to head to the doctor…

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Reversing Age Related Body Changes

Those of us over 40 know that staying fit becomes much more challenging with each passing decade. There is an unwelcome change in body composition…

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herbal remedies

Ancient Remedies for Modern Day Health Issues

While modern medicine has advanced our diagnosis and treatment of disease, discoveries made by ancient societies have provided valuable insights, and even some therapies, that…

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