Your hour-by-hour Thanksgiving survival guide

There’s a lot to enjoy about Thanksgiving, but feeling stressed isn’t one of them. Neither is that bloated feeling you get after stuffing yourself with…

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Fighting winter cold and flu

The cold and flu season has arrived, and that means that tens of thousands of people will be coughing, sneezing and feeling under the weather.…

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Secrets to successfully juggling a busy life

Hectic schedules are a reality for most people. We wake up thinking about what we need to accomplish during the day, and lose sleep because…

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You can influence how well our body ages

Your lifestyle has consequences on your physical health as well as your mental wellbeing. How you live impacts how well you live. Aging successfully means…

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Is your medicine cabinet back-to-school ready?

Kids will bring home more than homework now that they’re back in school. Brace yourself for disease-causing germs, cuts, bites, scrapes and other maladies by…

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Self-care strategies for busy moms

Being a mom is one of life’s most rewarding roles and it also comes with unique challenges. Whether you work or stay home, your schedule…

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Surprising facts about three common summer fun busters

Nothing drains the fun out of summer faster than not feeling your best. We may want to spend more time outdoors, but summer’s hot, sunny…

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Myths and Facts about Heart Disease – What Women Need to Know

Myth #1: Heart disease is more common and deadly in men. Fact: Heart disease is actually the number one killer of women. Women often delay…

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New Book: Saving Women’s Hearts

Mention the term “heart disease” and most people picture an overweight, middle-aged man. Yet the reality is that heart disease is the number one killer…

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