Global Toronto, Morning News | Holiday Health Fixes

Nobody wants to get sick over the holidays but those late nights and indulgent meals can take a toll on our health. Watch my segment here on Global TV to find out natural ways to manage heartburn, hangovers, bladder infections and sleeplessness.

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CHCH TV | Morning Live | Back to School Bugs

pharmacist on CHCH TV

Head lice, colds, and tummy bugs are prevalent during the school year. Check out my segment here and find out what natural remedies are safe and effective to manage these common back to school bugs.  

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KAZT TV | Arizona Daily Mix | Muscle Health

Pharmacist showing foods, supplements and exercises for muscle health

Muscle impacts more than your physique. Recent research indicates that the amount of muscle on our frame is a leading indicator of health and longevity. As we get older and lose muscle it can impact our strength, mobility and our body’s ability to regulate blood sugar. Watch my segment on Arizona Daily Mix where I share…

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