WFLA Tampa | Daytime | Histamine Intolerance

Histamines are well known in terms of causing allergy symptoms. But did you know the histamines are also present in food? If your body can’t break down these histamines it can lead to uncomfortable symptoms ranging from upset stomach to headache and hives. Over 70% of people that have a histamine intolerance are missing an…

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City TV Toronto | Breakfast Television | Sunscreen Savvy

Women on TV set discussing sunscreens

When it comes to sunscreen, which is best? Check out my segment on Breakfast Television where I go through the differences between natural (mineral) and chemical sunscreens, how much SPF to look for, and the safest options for sensitive skin. View video here

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Global TV Edmonton | Morning News | Sun Safety

Women on TV set with table of sun products

As the mercury rises, we have to take a cautious approach to enjoying the sunshine. Find out what summer superfoods can provide the best hydration and some natural SPF,  supplements to help keep your legs and veins healthy, and the benefits of going natural when it comes to sunscreens. View video here

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CTV Vancouver | Morning Live | Summer Health Essentials

Summer is synonymous with sun and outdoor fun yet prolonged heat exposure can take a toll on your health. Check out my interview on CTV Morning Live where I discuss strategies to keep sunburn, dehydration, and swollen legs from dampening your summer fun. View video here  

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CTV Vancouver | Morning Live | Holiday Health Tips

Holiday parties and shopping can make this the most exciting time of the year. But entertaining, late nights, and stress can bring on unwanted health issues, from colds and flu to hangovers, heartburn and sleeplessness. Check out my interview on CTV Morning Live Vancouver to find out what to have on hand to survive the health hazards…

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Global National | The Morning Show | Menopause Myths

There are many myths surrounding the symptoms and management of menopause. Check out my interview on The Morning Show where I debunk the myths and go through recommendations on how women can optimize their health in menopause. View video

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