City TV Calgary | Breakfast Television | Managing Menopause

Oct 17, 2016

October is World Menopause Month. But don’t sweat it! Check out my interview on Breakfast Television in Calgary where I share advice on how women can take action and manage the symptoms of menopause naturally and improve quality of life. View video

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CTV Ottawa | Morning Live | Natural Medicine Cabinet for Fall

Sep 16, 2016

Now that the kids back in school and they could be bringing home more than just their homework. Check out my interview on Ottawa’s CTV Morning Live where I talk about natural remedies to manage colds, head lice, tummy aches and more. View video

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CTV Kitchener | Noon news | Combatting Head Lice

Sep 8, 2016

September is here and that means prime head lice time. A recent study found that 97% of lice are now resistant to commonly used pesticides. Before you push the panic button, check out my interview on CTV Noon News where I dispel the myths about head lice and talk about safe strategies…

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CHCH TV | Morning Live | Keeping Your Gut Healthy This Summer

Jul 26, 2016

Summertime BBQs, picnics and parties can be a lot of fun but not necessarily for your tummy. Eating foods high in fat, starch and sugar and low in fiber can wreak havoc on your digestive system. Find out how to beat the bloating, gas and constipation with some smart tips…

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Glass of mineral water

CBS Minneapolis | Morning Show | Smart Summer Drink Makeovers

Jul 18, 2016

From sports drinks to lemonade and iced tea the sugar content of these beverages can really add up.  There are however ways to reduce the sugar and boost the nutritional value of your favourite beverages. Check out my segment on the Morning Show and find out about some simple summertime drink makeovers.…

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CTV Kitchener | Noon News | Gluten Sensitivity

Jul 7, 2016

Going gluten-free is much more than a fad diet – it is a necessity for those with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. I stopped by the noon news in Kitchener to talk about the issues surrounding gluten sensitivity and how to navigate the gluten-free diet. View video

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CBS Charlotte | Evening Show | Healing Help for Dry Eyes & Skin

Jun 23, 2016

Hot summer days and time spent indoors with the AC running can take a toll on your eyes and skin. Find out how you can hydrated your body from the inside out with summer superfoods, DIY skin care recipes, nutritional supplements and more. View video

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ABC Washington | Good Morning Washington | Summer Health Tips

Jun 6, 2016

Staying healthy this summer means being prepared. Find out what foods, supplements and preventative measures you can take to ward off summer super bugs and enjoy those outdoor hikes and picnics. Check out the tips I shared on Good Morning Washington. View video

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CBS Sacramento | Good Day Sacramento | Secrets to Fabulous Skin

May 25, 2016

Want healthier, younger looking skin? Check out my interview at Good Day Sacramento where I share my strategies on how to take care of your skin from within. Find out which foods and supplements can reduce fine lines, combat inflammation, boost moisture, and give you healthy, glowing skin. View Video

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