Six Healthy Eating Hacks to Avoid Heartburn and Belly Bloat This Holiday Season

Family enjoying a meal

The holidays are such a joyful time to eat, drink and be merry, but too much fun can lead to digestive distress if you’re not careful. Overeating, drinking too much, and not getting enough activity can leave you feeling bloated, gassy and uncomfortable. The good news is that you can have your gingerbread and eat it too! Consider these health hacks to feel your best this holiday season:

Choose Healthier Snacks. It’s okay to enjoy your favorite seasonal treat in moderation, but make a conscious effort to fill up on foods that have fewer calories and greater nutritional value. For example, choose veggies or whole-grain tortillas and salsa over potato chips and sour cream or cheese dips.

Slow Down. Eating too fast, or not chewing your food thoroughly, will stress your digestive system and cause stomach pain. Plus, when you eat too fast the brain doesn’t get the message in time that you’re full and you may end up overeating. Slow down and savor the flavor.

Avoid Portion Distortion. Choose an appetizer-sized plate, and take smaller servings. With this approach, you’re more mindful about what you put on your plate, and avoid the risk of feeling uncomfortably full.

Use Supplemental Support. Take digestive enzymes just before you eat or at the beginning of the meal to help break down food more effectively. To soothe heartburn and support digestive health, consider taking Heartburn Soothe after meals. This natural formula contains alginate and prickly pear.  This combination of natural ingredients acts as both a barrier and a buffer for gastric acid, while soothing the GI tract lining.

Skip the OTC Heartburn Drugs. While these products are available without a prescription, their use is associated with side effects, such as digestive problems, headaches and rash. Mounting evidence is also linking the use of PPIs in heartburn medications to bone loss, osteoporosis and dementia.

Pass on the Sweet After-Dinner Drinks. Opt for a cup of peppermint green tea after a big meal to aid digestion. Peppermint helps to relax the muscles of the bowel wall, relieving bloating, gas and constipation.