Wedding stress survival strategies

Rain is forecasted for the day of your outdoor wedding. Your flower girl may have the measles. Your soon-to-be in-laws want to double the size of the guest list. What else can happen?! The days and weeks leading up to the happiest day of your life may also be filled with the most stress.

Even with the most organized weddings, emotions can run high. Here are some tips to help you stay focused, in the moment and enjoy your special day:
● Start your planning as early as possible. Booking early may save you money, and also help you avoid the last-minute anxiety that can happen if your favorite caterer or venue is not available.
● Recruit, delegate and communicate clearly. Family and friends are usually happy to get involved. Maintain a master list of what needs to be done, and look for opportunities for others to help such as with pick-ups and deliveries, arranging decorations and preparing favors.
● Make sleep a priority. You’ll be better prepared to deal with stress when you are well-rested. Also, lack of sleep can hamper your immune function. The last thing you want is to get sick before your wedding.
● Maintain a regular exercise schedule. Although it may be tough to fit in a workout, exercise – particularly yoga and Pilates – is a great way to keep you in shape, tone your muscles and reduce stress.

As a holistic pharmacist, I also recommend that you consider taking a few supplements to support your overall health and wellbeing. The three I suggest are:
● A multi-vitamin. Many brides are so busy in the weeks leading up to the wedding that they don’t eat proper meals. Multi-vitamins are a good way to ensure that your body gets all of the essential nutrients it needs to function properly.
● Suntheanine. This clinically studied, purified form of the amino acid L-theanine can help to take the edge off your stress, and improve mental focus and clarity. It can be taken daily or just during those times when you feel stressed or you need to stay focused on the task at hand.
● Omega-3 fatty acids. A high-quality fish oil, with at least 300 mg of EPA and DHA, benefits your joints, heart and skin. It also helps to calm your body’s internal inflammation that can be created by too much stress.

My final RX is to have a sense of humor. In all likelihood, something will not go according to plan. Be prepared to laugh it off. Someday, that may just be the story you tell about your wedding day that makes your grandchildren giggle.