Your hour-by-hour Thanksgiving survival guide

There’s a lot to enjoy about Thanksgiving, but feeling stressed isn’t one of them. Neither is that bloated feeling you get after stuffing yourself with holiday foods. This year, here are some hour-by-hour survival tips to help you ride out the day feeling more relaxed and less over-stuffed.

The night before: Get a full night’s rest. Thanksgiving can be chaotic, and a lack of sleep will take its toll. If your mind continues to race after you close your eyes, try taking Suntheanine, which will help to calm your mind so you can get some much-needed sleep.

Thanksgiving morning: Eat breakfast. Don’t save up room/calories for the big meal. Eating right away in the morning will help get your metabolism moving, and prevent you from overeating later in the day.

While you’re watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade: Boost your metabolism by working out before the day gets too busy. It is easier to have the motivation to exercise right when you wake up, rather than after a heavy meal that makes you sleepy. Set up your exercise bike in front of the TV; or record the parade and take a brisk walk. Last-minute cleaning also counts!

Getting dressed for the day: Choose your normal jeans. Don’t even be tempted to wear those baggy sweats that are a size or two too large!

Get your snacks and beverages ready: Skip the fattening eggnog; instead make sure you have plenty of water to drink throughout the day. Prepare a low-calorie, healthy snack to help prevent overeating at the big meal. This can be anything from baby carrots and celery sticks, to apple or pear wedges.

Prepare the feast: This year, season dishes with healthy herbs and condiments. Try to use as little butter as possible. Fresh herbs are great, but if they aren’t available then dried herbs are also okay. Try making some dishes with a little kick. Spicy foods are harder to eat in excess. Also consider an oil change. Palm fruit oil is a healthy alternative to olive and vegetable oil.

After the big meal: Take a half-hour walk before dessert. If you are still awake and able to move, an after-dinner walk is a great way to speed up digestion. That half hour will also give your brain time to get the message to your stomach that you are full. You won’t eat as much dessert, and maybe you won’t want any!